Diana Hackett

 – Excellent -20217 -29- 03

I’m very particular about my hair and was nervous when I moved here from Florida and had to find a new hair stylist. My daughter suggested I try Randi and I have been so happy. It took a while to get used to the NW and what it does to my hair, but Randi hung in there with me, and I love the results of our collaboration! No frizzy hair for me! I love how Randi gets my hair color so natural looking without so many chemicals! She cuts my hair beautifully, is very professional yet very approachable!

Richard Head

 – Excellent  2015-02-12

Me and my wife always look great because Randi cuts,sets and colors hair like no one else. It’s been a pleasure having Randi taking great care of our hair for the past 16 years.

Becky Wagner 

– Excellent  2015-01-05

Randi is the best! She’s been the only one I’ve let cut my hair in 18 years. I don’t have great hair, but I do get a lot of comments on how great it looks. She makes the most of what you’ve got – consistently!

Judy kenney

 – Excellent  2014-11-19

Randi knows what she is doing. The extra time and care that she takes is amazing compared to other stylists and color people I have had, and I have had a few. She keeps herself so current by taking classes and exploring what is available. Randi is the best.

Pat Shreve 

– Excellent  2013-10-13

Randi has been my hair stylist for 15 years almost every week. I would never go anywhere else to get my hair done except when I have to because I am on vacation out of town.Randi is a special kind of person. When I was unable to go to her house because of a broken ankle she came to my house to do my hair. She does everything she can to help me out when I need help. She is not only my hair stylist she is my friend.

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